Talks of Interest WS17

Date Name Title
Dec. 5th M. Adrien Zeros of the WlZl->WlZl amplitude: vector resonances at the LHC
Nov. 23rd L. Tolos The Equation of State for Neutron Stars - from Fermi Gas to Interacting Baryonic Matter
Nov. 23rd M. Alford Quark matter and the high-density frontier
Nov. 24th L. Tolos The Equation of State for Neutron Stars - Hyperonic Matter and the Hyperon Puzzle
Nov. 24th M. Alford Quark matter in neutron stars

Talks of Interest SS17

Date Name Title
May. 24th A. Cyrol QCD correlation functions from the FRG

Talks of Interest WS16

Date Name Title
Mar. 30th F. Barbero Loop Quantum Gravity: A brief introduction
Mar. 30th N. Christiansen Asymptotic Safety in Quantum Gravity
Mar. 23rd R.A. Tripolt The "Resonances Via Pade" (RVP) Method
Mar. 16th K. Fellner Coagulation-Fragmentation Models
Feb. 8th B. Koch Non-geodesic motion with and without mass
Jan. 11th J. Serreau How much non-pert. is the IR regime of Landau gauge YM correlators?
Dec. 14th Z. Liu Spectroscopy of potential four-quark states at BES III and PANDA
Nov. 30th G. Schollmeyer Metric-torsion quantum gravity: Comparisons with QEG and QECG
Nov. 9th M. Padmanath S
Oct. 4th W. H. Klink Quantum mechanics in accelerated reference frames

Talks of Interest SS16

Date Name Title
June 15th B. Jaeger The Higgs Boson: Windows to the Unknown?
June 3rd U. Ellwanger A possible 750 GeV diphoton excess via light pseudoscalars in the NMSSM
June 3rd C. Wulz Experimental status of the diphoton excess
June 2nd U. Ellwanger Additional Higgs Bosons (motivated by Supersmmetry)
June 2nd C. Wulz Photon reconstruction and statistical considerations
June 2nd J. Ellis From 125 ... to 750
June 2nd M. Bauer Why you should (not) be very excited
May 10th R. Williams Bethe-Salpeter equations from the nPI effective action
Apr. 27th D. Mohler QCD to XYZ. From quarks and gluons to exotic hadrons
Apr. 19th M. Mitter Chiral symmetry breaking in continuum QCD
Mar. 9th W. Grimus Neutrino Masses and Lepton mixing in Extensions of the Standard Model
Mar. 2nd H. A. Wiltsche Theories: What Are They? And What Do They Tell Us?

Talks of Interest WS15

Date Name Title
Feb. 24th F. Bruckmann Phase diagram of an asymptotically free model through lattice dualization
Dec. 22nd E. Biernat Chiral-symmetry breaking and confinement in the Covariant Spectator Theory
Dec. 21st B. Koch A few ideas and models on dark matter
Nov. 27th P. Braun-Munzinger Heavy flavor production, statistical hadronization and deconfinement
Nov. 27th M. Weber ALICE: From the Detector to physics result (2)
Nov. 27th H. van Hees Electromagnetic Probes in Heavy-Ion Collisions 2 Phenomenology from SIS to LHC energies
Nov. 26th P. Braun-Munzinger Hadron production, statistical hadronization and the QCD phase boundry
Nov. 26th H. van Hees Electromagnetic Probes in Heavy-Ion Collisions 1 Foundations
Nov.26 th M. Weber ALICE: From the Detector to physics result(1)
Nov. 4th H: Fritzsch Flavor mixing Neutrino masses oscillations
Oct. 14th S. Borsanyi The QCD phase diagram from analytic continuation of lattice data
Oct. 13th T. Sulejmanpasic Semi-classics, complex saddles and real path integrals
Oct. 6th A. Svarc Hadron resonances: Their definition, determination from data, and unique description

Talks of Interest SS15

Date Name Title
Sep. 30th R. Contant Phenomenological study of scalar and pseudo-scalar particles decaying into top-antitop pairs
Sep. 30th C. Marchis The O(1/m^2) heavy quark-antiquark potential at finite temperature
Aug. 28th H. Gies Vacuum stability and the mass of the Higgs boson
Aug. 17th B. Capdevila A Closer Look to the B -> K* μ+ μ- anomaly
Jul. 29th Th. Cohen What does Large Nc QCD teach us about exotics?
Jul. 10th Chr. S. Fischer Tetraquarks from Dyson-Schwinger equations
Jul. 2nd A. Chatziagapiou Multiple Scale Approach to the Classical Abelian-Higgs Model with Fermions
June 22nd-25th M. Mueller-Preussker Topology of Gauge Fields off and on the Lattice: Lecture I-IV
June 19th F. Mackenroth Quantum radiation in strong laser fields
June 18th F. Mackenroth Nonlinear quantum electrodynamics in strong electromagnetic fields
June 19th F. Januschek The detector program at the European XFEL
June 18th S. Hauf The European XFEL-A Next Generation Light Source
June 11th H. Reinhardt Hamiltonian approach to QCD in Coulomb gauge: from the vacuum to finite temperature
June 2nd Z. Papp Asymptotic Constraints in Scattering Theory and the Method of Continued Fractions
May 20th S. Leupold Electromagnetic form factors
May 18th J. P. Lopez SU(3)-symmetric sum rules for B->PP decays
Apr. 29th Y. Dong The deuteron form factors and two-photon exchange
Apr. 22nd N. R. Acharya Theta Dependence of Unstable Particles
Apr. 22nd P. Q. Lasanta Gauging Flavour Symmetries
Mar. 10th J. Segovia Nucleon and Delta Elastic and Transition Form Factors

Talks of Interest WS14

Date Name Title
Feb. 23rd Ph. de Forcrand Progress in the simulation of QCD at non-zero baryon density
Feb. 5th W. A. Mian Magnetic Catalysis in Quantum Chromodynamics
Feb. 2nd A. Schaefer Entropy production for Heavy Ion Collisions, Black Holes and the Early Universe
Jan. 22nd J. Schmiedmayer Does an isolated Quantum System relax?
Jan. 16th B. Koch Scale Setting for Self-consistent Quantum Backgrounds
Jan. 7th M. Giuliani Theoretical uncertainty of CP-violation
Jan. 7th A. Rucci Quark-antiquark interactions in background magnetic fields
Jan. 7th P. Nag Fusion of the AdS/CFT S-Matrix
Dec. 18th+19th L. G. Yaffe Large N Limits and Equivalences: Part 1+2
Dec. 19th B. Lucini SU(N) Gauge Theories - An introduction: Part2
Dec. 18th B. Lucini SU(N) Gauge Theories - An introduction: Part1
Dec. 19th F. Nerling Experimental Hadron Physics: Part2
Dec. 18th F. Nerling Experimental Hadron Physics: Part1
Dec. 3rd P. Kroll Generalized parton distributions from exclusive meson leptoproduction
Nov. 26th J. Pradler (Dark) photons and axions in cosmology and astrophysics
Nov. 19th J. Wambach Hadron Properties in the Nuclear Medium
Oct. 23rd Ch. S. Fischer Hadronic light-by-light from Dyson-Schwinger equations
Oct. 22nd J. Schieck Darkness beyond the Standard Model
Oct. 16th L. Pedro Higgs mediated Flavour Changing Neutral Currents
Oct. 15th H. Fritzsch Neutrino Masses and Flavor Mixing
Oct. 07th J.M. Pawlowski Global flows in quantum gravity
Oct. 06th B.-J. Schaefer Solving Functional Renormalization Group Flows

Talks of Interest SS14

Date Name Title
Sept. 18th A.D. Pereira Elimination of In finitesimal Gribov Copies: an Alternative Approach
Sept. 12th D. Rischke Inhomogeneous phases in dense nuclear matter - a generic phenomenon?
July. 22nd A. Cyrol Gluonic n-point functions of Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory
Jun. 23rd B. Pasquini Phenomenology of near-threshold resonances
Apr. 24th-25th J. Marton Experimental hadron physics
Apr. 9th K. Langfeld The density-of-states approach for dense matter quantum field theory
Apr. 2nd A. Wipf Asymptotic safety on the lattice: The Nonlinear O(N) Sigma Models
Mar. 19th M. Schaden Phenomenology of near-threshold resonances
Mar. 19th T. Dado Quantum field theory, QCD, physics beyond standard model
Mar. 18th A. Blum The three-gluon vertex in Landau gauge
Feb. 26th A. Nefediev Causal Space-Time on a Null Lattice with Hypercubic Coordination
Jan. 27th L. Szymanowski Uncovering the partonic structure of hadrons with hard exclusive processes within QCD collinear factorization and its extensions

Talks of Interest WS13

Date Name Title
Sep. 11th R. Alkofer Electron-Positron Pair Creation in Inhomogeneous Electric Fields
Sep. 11th D. Berenyi Phase-space view of scalar and spin 1/2 pair production
Sep. 11th F. Mackenroth Quantum radiation from electrons in ultrashort, intense laser pulses
Sep. 11th C. Kohlfuerst On optimal control for and other aspects of electron-positron pair production
Sep. 25th E. Widmann Exotic Atoms
Oct. 16th A. Faessler Cosmic Neutrino Background
Oct. 23th V. Karmanov Non-perturbative calculations in the Light-Front Field Theory
Oct. 30th A. Jakovac From the Gibbs Paradox to the QCD phase transition
Nov. 20th P. Watson Quarks and gluons in a magnetic field
Nov. 25th M. Chernodub QCD in a strong magnetic field
Nov. 25th J. Verbaarschot Dirac Spectra in QCD
Nov. 25th E. Klempt Progress and open questions in hadron spectroscopy
Nov. 27th K. Jansen The muon anomalous magnetic moment:a lattice QCD study
Dec. 11th A. Blinne Electron-positron pair production with circular or elliptical polarization
Feb. 26th A. Nefediev Phenomenology of near-treshold resonances

Talks of Interest SS13

Date Name Title
Mar. 5th F. Sannino Technicolor
Mar. 13th E. Marchais Infrared Fixed Points and Convexity in O(N) Scalar field theories
Apr. 10th S. Schaefer Strategies for QCD on the lattice
Apr. 10th C. Dellago Nucleation at the nanoscale
Apr. 10th V. Springel Simulating the universe
Apr. 26th D. Litim Pulling oneself over the fence: a bootstrap for quantum gravity
May 15th H. Wittig Hadron Structure from Lattice QCD
June 19th J. Schroder Scattering in Asymptotic Safety
July 03rd B-J. Schaefer Probing the QCD phase diagram in heavy ion collisions
July 24th H. Chen Hadron-Quark Phase Transition in Compact Stars

Talks of Interest WS12

Date Name Title
Nov. 21st S. Floerchinger Analytic continuation and bound states in functional renormalization
Nov. 23rd J. A. Bonnet On Phase Transitions in Strongly Coupled Quantum Field Theories
Dec. 5th P. Watson Quarks and mesons at leading order in Coulomb gauge
Dec. 18th A. Tonero Asymptotic safety and the electroweak interactions
Dec. 19th F. Hebenstreit Real-time dynamics of QED on the lattice
Jan. 09th D. Parganlija Mysteries of Light and Not-So-Light Scalar Mesons
Jan. 23rd A. Maas The Higgs Beyond Perturbation Theory
Jan. 23rd S. Bass The cosmological constant puzzle
Jan. 30th D. Mueller QCD at finite density with Dyson-Schwinger equations
Feb. 11th E. Swanson The New Exotic Mesons
Feb. 12th E. Swanson Cell Phones, Body Scanners and Cancer
Feb. 12th E. Swanson Glueballs in the Bethe-Salpeter formalism

Talks of Interest SS12

Date Name Title
Jun. 21st L. Fister Yang-Mills Theory in Landau Gauge at Non-Vanishing Temperature
Jun. 26th V. Vento Looking for magnetic monopoles at the Large Hadron Collider
Jul. 5th D. Litim Quantum gravity in particle physics and cosmology
Aug. 28th C.Fischer QCD phase diagram with functional methods
Sep. 10th J.Swain Introduction to experimental particle physics, lecture 1
Sep. 11th J.Swain Introduction to experimental particle physics, lecture 2
Sep. 12th J.Swain Introduction to experimental particle physics, lecture 3
Sep. 13th J.Swain Introduction to experimental particle physics, lecture 4
Sep. 14th J.Swain Introduction to experimental particle physics, lecture 5

Previous Talks of Interest


Date Name Title
Nov. 16th, 2011 C. Hoelbling Lattice QCD with physical quark masses
Nov. 24th, 2011 A. Maas Living without center


Date Name Title
Oct. 8th, 2008 D. Horvatić The QCD transition temperature in a Polyakov-loop DSE model
Oct. 15th, 2008 S. Scherer Chiral Effective Field Theory: Success and Challenge
Nov. 5th, 2008 P. WatsonCoulomb Gauge (Some More Pieces of the Puzzle)
Nov. 19th, 2008 C. F. Berger Twistor-Inspired Methods for Collider Physics
Nov. 26th, 2008 A. Ringwald Search for New Physics at the Milliscale
Jan. 14th, 2009 J. Wambach Phases of Strongly-Interacting Matter
Feb. 4th, 2009 J. M. Pawlowski Confinement, Chiral Symmetry Breaking and the QCD Phase Diagram
Feb. 26th, 2009 S. Chandrasekharan World-line approach to Lattice Field Theories