55th International University week for theoretical physics

Bound states and resonances
Admont, Austria. 13th - 17th February 2017

Welcome to IUTP 2017

The International Winter School for Theoretical Physics delivers since 55 years insightful lectures for master students, PhD students, and young Postdocs alike, always at the cutting edge of research. This edition will focus on the topic of bound states and resonances. With the advent of a new series of experiments an enormous influx of information on bound states in QCD and, possibly, beyond the standard model becomes available. At the same time new techniques become available for several non-perturbative methods to deal with bound states as genuine consequences of quantum-field theory. These developments will be presented in a series of dedicated lectures covering all of these aspects.

The format of the International Winter School for Theoretical Physics is characterized by renowned experts delivering series of lectures on these topics. These are in 2017:

  • Bound states using functional methods (Christian Fischer (Giessen, Germany))
  • Beyond the standard model bound states (Claudio Pica (CP3 origins/Odense, Denmark))
  • Bound states on the lattice (Daniel Mohler (Mainz, Germany))
  • Nuclei as bound states (Robert Roth (Darmstadt/Germany))
  • Bound states and effective theories (Jose Pelaez (Madrid, Spain))
  • Bound states and effective theories (Feng-Kun Guo (Beijing, China))
  • Experimental detection of bound states (N.N. (LHCb))

The School, taking place every year, has a long and proud tradition. Besides other outstanding scientists, it has seen in its history a number of Nobel laureates lecturing, namely, M. Gell-Mann, S.L. Glashow, L.M. Lederman, C. Rubbia, A. Salam, J. Schwinger, J. Steinberger, R.E. Taylor, G. 't Hooft, and K.G. Wilson. These lectures took place formerly at the town of Schladming. This year, for the first time it takes place at another picturesque town in Styria/Austria, Admont. All participants and lectures will reside at the scenic Castle Röthelstein, where also all lectures will take place. Admont lies at the border of the beautiful national park Gesäuse, and several ski areas are within decent driving distance.

The school is organized since the beginning by the institute of physics at the University of Graz. This years executive organizer is Axel Maas.

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