The 2012 Winter School is the 50th one in a continuous series since 1962. For this anniversary the themes of the lectures have thus been chosen to partly

  1. look back on some of the most important developments of particle physics in the past half century,
  2. review essential present ongoing research, and most importantly
  3. consider promising prospects for the future of particle physics.

The format of the Schladming Winter School is characterized by renowned experts delivering series of lectures (usually about 3 hours) on specific topics. Seminar talks related to the topics of the lectures can be given by selected participants. In addition, there is the possibility of presenting posters. Proceedings will be published.

The School, taking place every year, has a long and proud tradition. Besides other outstanding scientists, it has seen in its history a number of Nobel laureates lecturing, namely, M. Gell-Mann, S.L. Glashow, L.M. Lederman, A. Salam, J. Schwinger, J. Steinberger, R.E. Taylor, G. 't Hooft, and K.G. Wilson.

For 2012 we are happy to have again a number of renowned lecturers, among them notably G. 't Hooft and C. Rubbia.

Director of the School:

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