Applicants are required to complete the registration form on this page and to pay the registration fee either via bank transfer by February 16th, 2015 or in cash upon registration at the school. The following conference fees apply:

The above fees apply for bank transfers reaching us by February 16th, 2015. For cash payment at the registration desk € 10,- will be added. Bank account details for wire transfers can be found on the page about the school.

The deadline for registration is February 13th, 2015; by February 18th, 2015 participants will be informed whether their seminar talk and/or poster has been accepted for presentation.

Registration form (required) and seminar/poster request (optional)

Please enter your information and contact details in the fields provided below. All fields denoted in red are required. If you would like to give a 20-minute seminar or present a poster, please check the appropriate box below and provide a title and an abstract for your contribution.

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    Contributing to the conference by seminar or poster is possible. The organizing committee will decide on the acceptance by February 18th, 2015 latest.

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  3. Additional Information

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    Once you have completed all required fields and (optionally) the request for a seminar/poster to your satisfaction, please check your data carefully and then click this button to submit the form. After your submission has been processed by the server, you will be taken to a confirmation page, which you can print out for your records. We will also send you a confirmation email to the email address you provided. This process may take a few seconds.

    You may also wish to the form and start over.