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Bound states in QCD and beyond II
Schlosshotel Rheinfels, Germany. 20th - 23rd February 2017

General Information

How to get there

The workshop will take place at the Schlosshotel Rheinfels, in St. Goar, Germany.

It is conveniently located between the airports Frankfurt/Main and Hahn. Rooms will be booked during the registration.

From Frankfurt/Main airport (Regionalbahnhof), you can get a connection approximately every half hour, except on Sundays. The ride takes about one to one and a half hour. However, you will have to switch the train always once, but the details where to switch depends on the time. The cost is about 15-22 Euros for one way, depending again on the connection, and thus the quality of the trains. Please use the web-page of the German railway Deutsche Bundesbahn (can be switched to English). You can also buy tickets in advance there.

From the airport Hahn, a connection leaves about every forty minutes. In this case, you will first have to take a bus, and then switch to a train (and possibly change the train once or twice thereafter). Again, it depends on the time of your connection where you have to switch. The costs are about 10-15 Euros, and the ride takes about two to three hours. Details can be found again on the webpage of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. However, not for all connections it is possible to buy your ticket online in this case.

Please note for your travel plans that on the 19th of February there will be a possiblity for registration in the late afternoon and a reception dinner. The talks will start early on the 20th (09:00, registration opens at 08:30) and will continue into the afternoon of the 23rd of February (16:30).

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