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Bound states in QCD and beyond II
Schlosshotel Rheinfels, Germany. 20th - 23rd February 2017

Lecture Notes

C. Alexandrou
The scalar quark content and the spin decomposition of the nucleon

J. Bulava
Pion-pion scattering and the timelike pion form factor from N f =2+1 lattice QCD

S. Coito
The deformed line-shape of the ψ(3770)

J. Daub
Dispersive analysis of B → J/ψ{ππ, K̄ K , πη} decays

G. Eichmann
Excited baryons / Pion transition form factor

E. Eichten
Heavy Quark Spectroscopy: Surprises and Opportunities

C.S. Fischer
Tetraquarks and Goldstone boson physics

M. Gomez-Rocha
Binding force in heavy quarkonium

W. Gradl
Recent results from BESIII

M.T. Hansen
Three-particle scattering and bound states in a periodic box

P. Hoyer
Born level bound states

M. Huber
Landau gauge correlation functions from Dyson-Schwinger equations

B. Long
A charming trap for very soft pions

A. Maas
Rethinking Flavor

W. Mian
Electroweak Pion decay in the Bethe-Salpeter approach

G. Muenster
Bound states in SUSY Yang-Mills theory and technicolor models from simulations on a lattice

S. L. Olsen
Nonstandard hadrons - a few comments

D. Parganlija
Excited Scalar and Pseudoscalar Mesons in the Extended Linear Sigma Model

A. Peters
Investigation of heavy-heavy-light-light tetraquark candidates using Lattice QCD

S. Piemonte
Technicolor models with adjoint fermions on the lattice

A.D. Polosa
Multiquark Resonances

S. Ryan
Hadron spectroscopy from lattice QCD: progress and prospects

H. Sanchis-Alepuz
Electromagnetic Structure of Hyperons

M. Sheperd
The GlueX experiment and its place in the global search for exotic mesons

A. Szczepaniak
JPAC an its role in hadron spectroscopy

P. Toerek
Predicting the singlet vector channel in a partially broken gauge-Higgs theory (and a little bit more)

R. Williams
Hadronic bound-states from the 3PI effective action

O. Witzel
Large scale separation and resonances within LHC range from a prototype model for new physics

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