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Bound states in QCD and beyond II
Schlosshotel Rheinfels, Germany. 20th - 23rd February 2017

Information about the Workshop


The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading international experts and young researchers on

  • Bound states in quantum field theory
  • Baryons, mesons, glueballs, and exotics in QCD
  • Excited state spectroscopy
  • Resonances and decays
  • Bound states beyond the standard model
  • Experimental detection of bound states

  • to present and discuss recent developments and fundamental issues.

    This workshop focuses mainly on theoretical aspects, but will also include overview presentations of experiments.

    The number of participants is limited to about 50. About a half of the time will be filled with shorter contributed talks, in particular from young researchers. Ample time is forseen for discussions. A permanent presentation of posters will be possible.

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