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Open theses

We offer theses in all areas of our research, and give some examples below


PhD theses:


Currently no open positions


Completed theses:

Ouraman Hajizadeh, QCD-like theories on the lattice and their applications

Tajdar Mufti, Non-perturbative aspects of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory

Pascal Törek, The physical spectrum of theories with a Brout-Englert-Higgs effect


Master theses are available in the following areas:


Precision measurements at the LHC and future linear colliders

Structure and pheneomenology of supersymmetric theories

Geometric structure of gauge theories

Model building of grand-unified theories

Quantum gravity

In most cases both analytical and numerical projects are available


Completed theses:

Daniel August, Adjoint quarks in technicolor and QCD

Larissa Egger, Possible substructure of an electron

Veronika Macher, Adjoint and fundamental scalar fields coupled to Landau-gauge Yang-Mills theory

Dominik Nitz, Masses of custodial singlet vector particles in Yang-Mills-Higgs theory

Eveline Ochensberger, Towards dark matter through the Higgs portal

Sebastian Raubitzek, The size of the W-boson

Wolfgang Schleifenbaum, The ghost-gluon vertex in Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory in four and three dimensions

Stefan Zitz, Functional approach to N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory


Bachelor theses are available on the following topics:


Precision measurements at the LHC and future linear colliders (Numerical projects)

Geometric structure of gauge theories (Analytical projects)


Completed theses:

Michael Mandl, Search for Gribov copies using a modified instanton configuration

Michael Müller, Optimization of SU(2) Landau Gauge-Fixing Algorithms

Daniel Reiche, Influence of Higgs bound states on W/Z scattering at the LHC (in German)

Lukas Reicht, Using machine learning for BSM particle identification

Raphael Wagner, Using machine learning for BSM particle identification

Alicia Wongel, Investigation of a dark matter particle in the Higgs portal model

Fabian Zierler, Search for Gribov copies outside the first Gribov region in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory