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Open theses

We offer theses in all areas of our research, and give some examples below


PhD theses:


Currently no open positions


Completed theses:

Tajdar Mufti, Non-perturbative aspects of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory

Pascal Törek, The physical spectrum of theories with a Brout-Englert-Higgs effect


Master theses are available on the following topics:


Supersymmetry on the lattice

The size of the Higgs boson

The structure of the W and Z bosons and the Higgs

Precision calculations in electroweak and flavor physics and new experimental signals

Influence of the geometrical structure of gauge theories on interactions

Analyticity properties of the functional renormalization group

The Gribov problem in Yang-Mills theory

The properties of gauge bosons in neutron stars


Completed theses:

Daniel August, Adjoint quarks in technicolor and QCD

Larissa Egger, Possible substructure of an electron

Veronika Macher, Adjoint and fundamental scalar fields coupled to Landau-gauge Yang-Mills theory

Eveline Ochensberger, Towards dark matter through the Higgs portal

Sebastian Raubitzek, The size of the W-boson

Wolfgang Schleifenbaum, The ghost-gluon vertex in Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory in four and three dimensions

Stefan Zitz, Functional approach to N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory


Bachelor theses are available on the following topics:


Identifying signals in CERN experiments

Analytic investigations of symmetries

Classification problems in particle physics simulations using machine learning techniques


Completed theses:

Michael Mandl, Search for Gribov copies using a modified instanton configuration

Michael Müller, Optimization of SU(2) Landau Gauge-Fixing Algorithms

Daniel Reiche, Influence of Higgs bound states on W/Z scattering at the LHC (in German)

Lukas Reicht, Using machine learning for BSM particle identification

Raphael Wagner, Using machine learning for BSM particle identification

Alicia Wongel, Investigation of a dark matter particle in the Higgs portal model

Fabian Zierler, Search for Gribov copies outside the first Gribov region in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory