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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alkofer

Sollten Sie Fragen zu meinen Vorlesungen und Seminaren haben, so schreiben Sie mir bitte eine E-mail
( reinhard.alkofer@uni-graz.at) oder rufen mich an (+43 (0) 316 380 8581).

In case of questions with respect to my lectures or courses please do not hesitate to write me an E-mail
( reinhard.alkofer@uni-graz.at) or simply call me (+43 (0) 316 380 8581).

Die Vorlesung Quantenfeldtheorie beginnt am 7.3.17, 13 Uhr, HS 05.12.

Übungen zur Quantenfeldtheorie im Sommersemester 2017: Beginn am 9.3.17, 10 Uhr, HS05.12.

Übungsblätter (erhältlich nach Fortschritt der Vorlesung):

Blatt 1     Blatt 2     Blatt 3     Blatt 4     Blatt 5     Blatt 6     Blatt 7     Blatt 8     Blatt 9     Blatt 10     Blatt 11     Blatt 12     Blatt 13     Blatt 14    

The course (lecture and exercises) Quantum Field Theory will start March 7, 2017, 1pm, in HS 05.12.

If asked and agreed by a majority of students the course will be in English.

Exercise lists (available according to the progress of the lecture):

List 1     List 2     List 3     List 4     List 5     List 6     List 7     List 8     List 9     List 10     List 11     List 12     List 13     List 14    

Die Vorbesprechung zur Lehrveranstaltung Projektpraktikum Theoretische Physik findet (voraussichtlich) am Freitag, den 10.3.2017 statt.

The kick-off meeting for the Students' Projects in Theoretical Physics is planned to take place on Friday, March 10, 2013.

The time of the special seminar Strong Interactions in Continuum Quantum Field Theory will be announced in the first week of March. Students who wish to attend are kindly asked to send me their e-Mail address in advance.

The PhD seminar on Particle Physics takes place on Wednesday at 3 pm in the lecture hall 05.12. The first PhD seminar in the summer term will be on March 8, the speaker will be Wadim Wormsbecher, HU Berlin, who is an experienced SCIENCE SLAMer.

Studenten, die sich für eine Bachelor-, Master-, oder Doktorarbeit in unserer Gruppe interessieren, können jederzeit einen Termin (per e-Mail, telefonisch oder persönlich) vereinbaren. Zur Vorabinformation eignet sich das Spezialseminar Strong Interactions in Continuum Quantum Field Theory .

Students who are interested in a bachelor, master or PhD thesis in our group are kindly asked to make an appointment. To learn about the research performed in our group every physics student is invited to visit the special seminar Strong Interactions in Continuum Quantum Field Theory .

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