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Supervised Students

Dissertations, PhD Theses
Name Titel der Arbeit Jahr


Stefan Purkhart Energy release events from the Sun on different scales   ongoing
Robert Jarolim Frontiers of deep learning in solar physics   ongoing
Campos Rozo, Jose-Ivan Plasma and magnetic Field interaction on large and small scales within the solar atmosphere   ongoing
Gupta, Manu Magnetic helicity modeling in solar flares   ongoing
Hernandez-Perez, Aaron Initiation and Energy Release in Solar Flare/CME Events 2020 Online-Publikation
Hofmeister, Stefan Johann On the properties of solar coronal holes, their magnetic structure, and how their location on the Sun affects the solar wind velocities near Earth 2019 Online-Publikation
Dissauer, Karin Diagnostics of coronal dimmings associated with solar coronal mass ejections 2018 Online-Publikation
Jungmeier, Gundi Verborgenen Informationen auf der Spur Geschichte der Koronabeobachtung am Observatorium Kanzelhöhe für Sonnen- und Umweltforschung 2018 Online-Publikation
Muhr, Nicole EUV Observations of Coronal Waves and their Association with Other Solar Phenomena 2014 Abstract
Rollett, Tanja

Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Heliospheric Imprints

2014 Online-Publikation
Bein, Bianca Maria Properties of coronal mass ejections derived from STEREO observations 2013 Abstract
Kienreich, Ines Waltraud Kinematics and 3D Structure of large-scale coronal waves and shocks observed with STEREO/EUVI and PROBA2/SWAP 2012 Online-Publikation
Miklenic, Christiane Multi-wavelength observations of dynamic phenomena in the solar atmosphere 2010 Online-Publikation
Stoiser-Berkebile, Sigrid Solar hard X-ray microflares: atmospheric response and implications for coronal heating models 2009 Online-Publikation
Möstl, Christian Modeling magnetic clouds using multi-spacecraft observations 2009 Online-Publikation
Master- and Diploma Theses
Name Titel der Arbeit Jahr Link
Schopper, Tobias Solar Flare Prediction using Deep Learning   ongoing
Purkhart, Stefan Statistics of nanoflares and their contribution to coronal heating using SDO/AIA differential emission measure analysis 2021 Online-Publikation
Fleck, Nikolaus Christopher Detection of coronal mass ejections on late typ stars   ongoing
Jarolim, Robert Solar image enhancement and quality assessment with deep learning 2020 Online-Publikation
Saqri, Jonas

Differential Emission Measure Analysis of a Long-Lived Coronal Hole

2020 Online-Publikation
Seibezeder, Julia Evolution of plasma parameters during the early evolution of the 2010 June 13 Coronal Mass Ejection and Shock 2020 Online-Publikation
Krikova, Kilian Small-scale dynamics in a Coronal-Hole related to Microflaring events 2020 Online-Publikation
Baumgartner, Christian On the factors determining the eruptive character of solar flares 2018 Online-Publikation
Tschernitz, Johannes Magnetic reconnection rates in eruptive and confined two ribbon flares   2018 Online-Publikation
Heinemann, Stephan Gabor Coronal Holes: Evolution and Magnetic Field Characteristics 2017 Online-Publikation
Hinterreiter, Jürgen Comparing the ribbon evolution and the coronal electric field of eruptive and confined Hα flares based on Kanzelhöhe Observatory data 2017 Online-Publikation
Müller, Jörg Hermann Automatic Detection of Clouds in All-Sky-Images 2016 Online-Publikation
Hofmeister, Stefan Coronal Holes, Solar High Speed Streams and Geomagnetic Storms: Statistical Relationships and Forecasts 2015 Online-Publikation
Miksits, Christoph RHESSI X-ray imaging and spectroscopy of the X3.9 flare of 2003 November 3 2013 Online-Publikation
Gressl, Corinna Comparison of MHD simulations of the solar wind with in-situ measured plasma and magnetic field parameters at 1 AU 2012 Online-Publikation
Rollett, Tanja Propagation direction and kinematics of coronal mass ejections in the Heliosphere 2010 Online-Publikation
Stevanecz, Nina Korrelationsanalyse von Flares und koronalen Massenauswürfen der Jahre 2003 und 2005 2009 Online-Publikation
Bein, Bianca Maria Solar microflares studied with RHESSI and DOT 2009 Online-Publikation
Muhr, Nicole Analysis of a Moreton wave associated with the X17.2 solar flare/CME event observed on October 28, 2003 2008  
Thalmann, Julia Analysis of the flare waves associated with the 3B/X3.8 flare of January 17, 2005 2005  
Miklenic, Christiane Magnetic reconnection rates in a two-ribbon flare 2004  
Stoiser, Sigrid Solar microflares observed by RHESSI 2004  
External Referee
Name Titel der Arbeit Jahr Link
Dumbovic, Mateja Analysis and Forecasting of coronal mass ejection space weather effects. PhD Thesis, University of Zagreb (Croatia) 2016 Link
Meetu, Verma The evolution and decay of sunspots: a high resolution study of flows and magnetic fields in and around sunspots. PhD thesis, Universität Potsdam (Germany)  2013 Link
Long, David Kinematic properties of globally-propagating waves in the solar corona. PhD thesis, Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)  2012 Link
Falkenberg, Thea Vilstrup Influence of solar activity on planetary environments - Future Mars explorations. PhD Thesis, DTU (Denmark) 2011 Link







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