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Orbital Tomography

The global aim of this BSc. or MSc. project is to help develop and consolidate orbital tomography and provide a basis whereby it could be even more generally applied. The BSc. or MSc. student will work with laboratory and/or synchrotron based UHV systems on collaborative projects with the theory group of Peter Puschnig (KFU) and Forschung Zentrum Jülich (GER) through the FWF-funded project concerned with the same topic. Specific projects, molecules and experimental techniques will be decided upon discussion with the candidate.

Contact michael.ramsey(at)uni-graz.at for further details.

The metal organic interface: formation and electronic structure

Within this BSc or MSc project(s) the geometric and electronic structure of thin molecular films grown on metal and oxide substrates will be investigated applying a range of modern surface science methods.   In specific, the student will both prepare and investigate the molecule/metal interfaces in ultra high vacuum systems. The measurements will mainly include UV and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS and XPS) in addition to LEED. The projects will be embedded in a collaboration with the orbital tomography projects and the theory group of Peter Puschnig.

Contact georg.koller(at)uni-graz.at for further details.

Master Thesis

Optical ultrasound detection system for real-time photoacoustic projection Imaging (rPAPI)


  • Get involved with novel Imaging techniques for biomedical research
  • Work within an interdisciplinary project directly connected to biomedical application
  • Development of a camera based optical ultrasound detection System for rPAPI
  • Development of appropriate reconstruction methods applied on spatially-resolved data


  • Education: experimental physics, technical engineering
  • Hard skills: background in physics (optics, acoustic, Signal processing)
  • Basic programming skills: Matlab, LabView
  • Soft skills: Initiative, structured working

Additional information:

Period: 1 Year
Salary: 400€ per month
Supervisor: Mag. Dr. Robert Nuster, Institute of Physics, University of Graz
Co-supervisor: Ao. Prof. Dr. Günther Paltauf, Institute of Physics, University of Graz

Please send your complete application documents by Email to: ro.nuster(at)uni-graz.at

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Stellen im Rahmen von Diplomarbeiten und Dissertationen oder Postdoc Stellen aus dem Bereich Physik sind auch auf der Seite der Studienvertretung zu finden sowie am Schwarzen Brett Basisgruppe NAWI Graz.

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