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Donnerstag, 21.04.2016

Falko P. Netzers and A. Fortunellis Buch über "Oxide-Materials at the two-dimensional limit" ist erschienen!

Falko P. Netzer und A. Fortunelli von CNR-ICCOM and IPCF, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Pisa, ITA haben ein Buch über Oxid-Materialien an der Grenze zum Zwei-Dimensionalen heraus gebracht! Es enthält unter anderem viele interessante Details zur Charakterisierung und Reaktivität zwei-dimensionaler dünner Oxid-Schichten, Details der theoretischen Festkörperphysik, notwendig zur Beschreibung dieser zwei-dimensionalen Oxid-Schichten sowie vieles mehr (eine Kurzzusammenfassung in Englisch finden Sie unten.).


Link zum Buch: http://www.springer.com/fr/book/9783319283302


Book back cover:

This book summarizes the current knowledge of two-dimensional oxide materials. The fundamental properties of 2-D oxide systems are explored in terms of atomic structure, electronic behavior and surface chemistry. The concept of polarity in determining the stability of 2-D oxide layers is examined, charge transfer effects in ultrathin oxide films are reviewed as well as the role of defects in 2-D oxide films. The novel structure concepts that apply in oxide systems of low dimensionality are addressed, and a chapter giving an overview of state-of-the-art theoretical methods for electronic structure determination of nanostructured oxides is included. Special emphasis is given to a balanced view from the experimental and the theoretical side. Two-dimensional materials, and 2-D oxides in particular, have outstanding behavior due to dimensionality and proximity effects. Several chapters treat prototypical model systems as illustrative examples to discuss the peculiar physical and chemical properties of 2-D oxide systems. The chapters are written by renowned experts in the field.

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