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Time RangeTitleFunding AgencyPI
05/2017-04/2021Constraining CMEs and Shocks by Observation and Modelling throughout the inner heliosphereBELSPOM. Temmer
12/2016-03/2021Preparatory Phase for the European Solar TelescopeEUA. Hanslmeier
01/2017-12/2020STIX/Solar Orbiter - Austrian contribution: Phase 3ESA ProdexA. Veronig
01/2018-12/2019Development of the drag-based-ensemble model for studies of the propagation of solar storms (DBEM)

ÖAD/WTZM. Temmer
10/2017-09/2019Solar wind evolution - assessment for multi-viewpoint instrumentsFFGM. Temmer
10/2016-09/2019The Interaction of the Solar Granulation with Small-Scale Solar Magnetic FieldsFWF P27800D. Utz
12/2017-06/2019ESA-SSA Expert Service Center for Heliospheric Weather (ESA-SSA P3)ESAM. Temmer
11/2017-05/2019ESC-HelWe, Space Weather Expert Service for Heliospheric Weather, Period 3ESA-SSAM. Temmer
06/2017-05/2019Forbush decrease model for expanding CMEs affecting Earth and MarsEU Marie Curie ProjectM. Temmer, M. Dumbovic
04/2015-03/2018Diagnostics of coronal dimmings associated with solar coronal mass ejections (CORDIM)FFGA. Veronig
10/2014-12/2018Initiation of solar flares: reconnection, heating and particle acceleration (Initsolflare)FWF P27292-N20A. Veronig
Time RangeTitleFunding AgencyPI
01/2016-12/2017Early Evolution of CMEs and associated dimming regionsÖADM. Temmer
11/2015-12/2017Space Weather Expert Service Centres: Definition and Development - Space Weather ESCESAA. Veronig
01/2015-12/2017Youth for Space Challenge - ODYSSEUS II ContestEU Horizon 2020A. Hanslmeier
01/2015-12/20173D-tracking of small-scale solar flux ropesFWF P27765 A. Hanslmeier
05/2014-04/2017HELCATS: Heliospheric Cataloguing, Analyses and Techniques ServiceEU-FP7 SpaceC. Möstl

Large-scale EUV-waves: dynamics, driver and plasma properties

FWF P20867-N16A. Veronig
10/2015-03/2017ESC-HelWe, Space Weathere Expert Service for Heliospheric WeatherESA-SSAM. Temmer
05/2013-12/2016STIX/Solar Orbiter - Austrian contribution: Phase 2ESA ProdexA. Veronig
08/2013-08/2016Magnetic field modeling of the solar atmosphereFWF P25383-N27J. Thalmann
01/2014-05/2016Quiet solar wind flow and interacting disturbancesNAWI GrazM. Temmer
06/2011-05/2015CMEs-dynamic evolution in the heliosphereFWF V195-N16M. Temmer
03/2012-02/2015eHEROES - Environment for Human Exploration and Robotic Experimentation in SpaceEU-FP7 284461 M. Temmer
12/2011-02/2015Dynamics of Magnetic Bright PointsFWF P23618 A. Hanslmeier,
D. Utz
01/2011-12/2014Signatures of stellar mass ejectionsFWF P22950A. Hanslmeier,
M. Leitzinger
07/2011-09/2014Spectroscopic and statistical investigations on MBPsFWF J3176D. Utz
03/2011-02/2014CMEs ans SEPs: forecasting the space weather impactEU-FP7 COMESEPA. Veronig
10/2010-11/2013High energy solar physics data in europeEU-FP7 HESPEA. Veronig
06/2013-11/2013Converting CME elongation into radial distances - testing of different methodsM. Temmer
08/2012-08/2013SN IV-2 Space Weather Precursor Services Operations: Ground based H-alpha Monitoring ServiceESAA. Veronig
09/2011-08/2013WILISCME: The relationship between white light and in situ observatios of coronal mass ejectionsEU-FP7 Marie CurieA. Veronig,
C. Möstl
07/2012-04/2013STIX/Solar Orbiter - Austrian contribution: Phase 1ESA ProdexA. Veronig
01/2011-12/20123D-properties of coronal mass ejectionsFFG-ASAP7M. Temmer,
A. Veronig
11/2008-10/2011SOlar-TERrestrial Investigations and ArchivesEU-FP7 SOTERIAA. Hanslmeier,
W. Otruba,
M. Temmer
06/2008-05/2011Large scale waves and shocks in the solar coronaFWF P20867-N16A. Veronig,
W. Otruba
10/2008-04/2011Dynamics of solar and stellar granulationFWF P20762H. Muthsam (Univ. Vienna),
A. Hanslmeier
04/2009-04/2011Dynamics of solar flares and coronal mass ejectionsFFG ASAP6A. Veronig
10/2007-03/2011Magnetic Clouds and their solar originFWF P20145-N16H. Biernat (IWF Graz),
A. Veronig
04/2007-09/2010High-energy activity phenomena on cool starsFWF P19446A. Hanslmeier
04/2008-03/2010Forces governing CMEs and prediction of CME arrival timesAPART 11262M. Temmer,
A. Veronig
02/2005-12/2009Development of a Joint Information System (JIS)|EU-FP6 OPTICONA. Hanslmeier
01/2008-12/2008Austrian Grid - Phase 2 BMBWKW. Otruba
09/2004-07/2007Austrian Grid BMBWKW. Otruba
05/2004-05/2007Flows on the solar surfaceFWF P17024H. Muthsam (Univ. Vienna),
A. Hanslmeier
04/2002-10/2005Solar flare recognition and analysisFWF P15344A. Hanslmeier,
A. Veronig,
M. Temmer
10/2001-02/20052D spectroscopy and polarimetry of the SunFWF R11J. Hirzberger
04/1999-08/2003Solar variability and its relevance for the solar-terrestrial environmentFWF P13653A. Hanslmeier,
M. Steinegger,
A. Veronig
01/1999-10/2002Dynamic of convection on the Sun: granulation and mesogranulation FWF 13308A. Hanslmeier




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