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Field of Activity

The geophysical-meteorological research in the institute area traditionally includes 'external geophysics', the physics of the entire earth's atmosphere.

A meteorological station has been operated at the university since 1836 and at the current location since 1891. The research group is currently supervising a semi-automated weather station (TAWES) in cooperation with GeoSphere Austria (former Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics). In addition, as part of the ARAD project (Austrian RADiation), high-quality radiation measurements are carried out at the University of Graz and at the Kanzelhöhe Observatory in cooperation with GeoSphere Austria.

Research in the field of remote atmospheric sensing and the climate system is carried out in close cooperation with the ARSCliSys working group at the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change.

The physics of the 'high atmosphere' (aeronomics) is a research focus that is operated together with the Institute for Space Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Dr. Ulrich Foelsche

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