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25 Jahre Austromir

Handergometer aus der Uni-Werkstatt für Franz Viehböck

Für die AUSTROMIR-Mission von Franz Viehböck vor 25 Jahren entwickelte Kurt Ansperger, Leiter der Feinmechanischen Werkstätte an der Uni Graz, gemeinsam mit Eugen Gallasch (Institut für Physiologie, Med Uni Graz) ein Handergometer, mit dem die Auswirkungen der Schwerelosigkeit auf die menschliche Muskulatur gemessen werden konnten.
geht es zum Bericht von Andreas Schweiger (German only).


In 2015, several apprentices at the University of Graz made a film to introduce their teaching. Marco Barger introduces the profession of mechanical engineer (start: min 05:04).

Whatchado is a platform to be presented in the professions for interested young people. Kurt Ansperger  (only german) here presents the occupation of metal technician at the University of Graz. Marco Barger (only german) says in the same place as an apprentice at the University of Graz.


32 years apprenticeship at the department of Physics. A site inspectation "Hier ist der Dreh drin" (Only German) titles the following report from Konstantinos Tzivanopoulos.


"Der Mann fürs Feine" is the title of a report on the workshop from 2008 in the "Uni-Zeit". Details of the report are here (Only German).


In the year 2006 the "Kabinett der Kostbarkeiten" was situated in the Department of Physics. The exhibits we restored can be seen here (Only German).


The science section of the "Kleine Zeitung" reports about  "Probe aufs Exempel". You can read it in the Dezember 2005 issue.


n February 2000 the large 'Energychain' developed and built by Kurt Ansperger for the 'Technical Museum' in Vienna was opened. In 'Uni-Zeit' you can read the report (Only German).


The experiments on long-term stays of astronauts in space were performed in project Austromir. Together with the Department of Physiology a suitable space hand- and a foot angle dynanometer (Only German) was developed to study the natural muscle atrophy in space.


The Bizykel Model (Only German) developed by Ludwig Boltzmann is a mechanical model to illustrate two interacting electrical circuits. Rebuilt from the original sketches by Kurt Ansperger.

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