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Climate physics for physics teachers

Thursday, 22 October 2020

The in-service teacher training series “Bringing latest findings in physics research into classroom – climate physics” combines subject science and school physics.

This semester, on October 8, the first workshop of the series “Bringing latest findings of research in physics into classroom – climate physics” (german: "Aktuelle Physik in den Unterricht bringen - Klimaphysik") took place online and was organized by Ingrid Krumphals. This series of workshops for in-service teachers “Bringing latest findings of research in physics into classroom” is funded by the Kaiserschildstiftung. In these workshops information and content on current research in physics are addressed and examined from a perspective of physics didactics for physics lessons. These workshops aim to support teachers in integrating current topics of research in physics in their physics lessons.

The topic of the series of workshops this semester is climate physics. Teachers got interesting insights into current research on climate physics by Ulrich Foelsche. This was followed by inputs of physics didactics and teaching impulses on climate physics in school by Thomas Schubatzky and Ingrid Krumphals. At the end of the workshop a collection of materials concerning climate physics for physics lessons was made available for the participants and the collection of ideas for a concrete implementation in physics lessons rounded off the first workshop of this semesters series.

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