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outburst of a nova

Friday, 17 September 2021

Emission lines of hydrogen in recurrent Nova RS Oph

In August 2021 Hanslmeier was one of the first scientists worldwide that observed the unpredictable outburst of a nova (RS Ophiuchi). This object will be observed in the coming weeks to obtain the lightcuve. It was now also observed with a blaze spectroscope and the image shows two spectra: the above lying spectrum from the nova, the spectrum below from an ordinary star. The bright emission of Hydrogen gas (called  H-Alpha emission, in the red part of the spectrum ) is clearly seen in the nova spectrum. The nova spectrum also reveals other emission lines (from helium and hydrogen). These emission lines clearly demonstrate that plasma was ejected during the nova outburst. The amount of plasma is certainly several 1000 of Earth masses.

The spectrum was obtained at the private observatory of Hanslmeier.

The photo was implemented in the space weather gallery.


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