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Suverying the Higgs

Friday, 01 July 2022

10 years after the discovery of the Higgs first theoretical estimates of its size are available.

On the 4th of July 2012 the Higgs was discovered. Now, ten years later, the group of Axel Maas at the University of Graz was able to develop a method to estimate its size in an FWF-funded project. It can be done by studying the scattering of two Z-bosons or W-bosons, so-called vector boson scattering. These processes are studied in great detail in the experiments at CERN. They are also central for future experiments, like the FCC. The University of Graz is also involved in the conceptual studies for the FCC.

By using computer simulations a first estimate has now been obtained how large the Higgs within the standard model of particle physics would be, and how this manifests in the aforementioned processes. In the picture the difference is seen by comparing the solid line to the dashed line. Unknown physics would yield a different result. Thus, this can also be used to discover such new phenomena. The results have been published in Physical Review D, see link.



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