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High- & angular-resolution spectrocopy systems

The Angle-Resolved Spectroscopy system (ADES)

The ADES system is capable of angle-resolved ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy for measuring electronic valence band structures and low energy electron diffraction for surface structure determination. Photoemission is performed with a gas discharge lamp and an VG-ADES 400 electron spectrometer mounted on a single axis goniometer. Electron diffraction is made using an Omicron channel plate LEED system, which is capable of measuring with nA electron beam currents.

The X-Ray / UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) system(s)

In addition to the SCIENTA machine (described below), a preparation chamber with an XPS analyser (currently used for research concerning solid-liquid Interfaces) and a small XPS/UPS - SPA-LEED system we also have a SPECS XPS/UPS system available in our group.

It is now and then also used for commercial services.  

The high resolution spectrocopy system (SCIENTA)

This system was initially designed for high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation. The system is fully transportable and has been used at the synchrotron facilities BESSY I (Berlin, GER) and ELETTRA (Trieste, IT). Currently the system is used for photoelectron spectroscopy with a X-ray source (Mg/Al) and UV (He-I/He-II) lamp sources at our Institute.

The UHV chamber of the SCIENTA system contains a X-ray source, a He lamp, a fast entry chamber with magnetic transfer and sample storage facility, a large hemispherical electron energy analyzer (SCIENTA SES 200, 4meV resolution), LEED, an evaporator, a quadrupole mass spectrometer, a sputter gun, as well as a quartz crystal microbalance, and a coolable manipulator for sample transfer and rotation.

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