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Our research topics

  • Orbital Tomography

Visualization of the frontier orbitals of adsorbed organic molecules in momentum and real space.

  • Molecular thin films and their interfaces

Structural and electronic properties of device-relevant organic-organic and inorganic-organic heterostructures and thin films.

  • Thin oxide films

Controlled fabrication of oxide thin films and nanostructures with novel physical and chemical properties.

  • Model catalysis

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of oxide surfaces and oxide-supported metal nanoparticles.

  • Solid-liquid interfaces

Fundamental, atomic-scale understanding of the structure, adsorption behavior and energy dissipation processes at solid-liquid interfaces.


Running projects, research networks and cooperations

Currently running projects ...

FWF Projects:

"From binary to ternary oxide nanostructures: new synthesis routes and nanoscale"

MSc. Position available! Contact Sv. Surnev for further information.


"Orbital Tomography of Organic Semiconductor Films"

MSc. positions available! Contact M. Ramsey for further information.




... and research networks/cooperations:

Our group is member of the following international/national research Networks:



Closed & Finished Projects:


"Structure and Bonding at the Oxide - Liquid Interfaces"


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