Short description of the toolbox

MNPBEM is a toolbox for the simulation of metallic nanoparticles (MNP), using a boundary element method (BEM) approach developed by F. J. Garcia de Abajo and A. Howie, Phys. Rev. B 65, 115418 (2002). The main purpose of the toolbox is to solve Maxwell's equations for a dielectric environment where bodies with homogeneous and isotropic dielectric functions are separated by abrupt interfaces. Although the approach is in principle suited for arbitrary body sizes and photon energies, it is tested (and probably works best) for metallic nanoparticles with sizes ranging from a few to a few hundreds of nanometers, and for frequencies in the optical and near-infrared regime.

From our experience with the toolbox it appears that there exist no "standard" applications, but each problem requires a slightly different implementation. For this reason we have decided to provide a set of general Matlab® classes that can be easily combined to simulate the problem of interest. The toolbox comes along with detailed help pages and a number of examples that can be used as templates for other simulations.

Reference and Download

When publishing results obtained with the MNPBEM toolbox, we ask you to cite one of the following papers:

In comparison to the toolbox published in these papers, the current version includes a number of new features, as detailed in the help pages of the toolbox. Also the calling sequence for some of the classes and functions has changed.

Short overview

Features of the toolbox

In the last couple of years the toolbox has been extensively used by us and other groups for the simulation of plasmonic nanoparticles. The 2012 paper has currently been cited about 140 times and the latest version of the toolbox has been downloaded from our MNPBEM website more than 1000 times.

Toolbox history

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A list of recent changes and updated code elements can be found here.