Research topics

Our work centers around the lattice formulation of various model in Quantum Field Theory and techniques of quantization, among them in particular

  • Lattice approach to Quantum Chromo Dynamics
  • Chirally improved lattice Dirac operators
  • Excited hadrons and decays
  • Heavy-heavy and heavy-light hadrons and their decays
  • QCD at finite chemical potential and temperature
  • Higgsphysik
  • nHDM-Modelle
  • Gribov-Singer-Ambiguity

Open doctoral student positions

General information
on the field

Elementary particles include quarks and leptons. These can be created and destroy in the subatomic range. Relativistic quantum field theory is the theory of elementary particles.

One of the basic problems is how to compute properties of the building blocks of atoms, the protons and neutrons, from the original simple and beautiful field equations of building stones: the quarks. Due to the deep mathematical problems one replaces the continuous space-time by a space-time grid: the space-time lattice. Hence the name Lattice Quantum Field Theory. This formulation allows one to deal with this theory with help of large scale computations.

International Projects

FWF Projects

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