Ulrich Hohenester

Main scientist.

Ulrich Hohenester
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Group members.

Nikita Reichelt (PhD student, since October 2018)

Former group members.

Georg Arnold (diploma student, LAK, Mag. 2017)  Diploma thesis
 Rosa Denig (diploma student, Mag. 2015)   Diploma thesis
Jakob Ebner (diploma student, Mag. 2013)  Diploma thesis
Julian Grond (PhD student, Dr. 2010)  PhD thesis  
Veronika Hammerl (diploma student, LAK, Mag.a 2008)  Diploma thesis
Anton Hörl (PhD 2016, MSc. 2012)  Master thesis  PhD thesis (20 MB)
Georg Jäger (PhD 2015, MSc. 2012)  Master thesis  PhD thesis
Andreas Jank (diploma student, LAK, Mag. 2019)  Diploma thesis
Gabi Jaritz (diploma student, Mag.a 2009)  Diploma thesis
David Kammerlander (diploma student, Mag. 2006)  Diploma thesis
Andreas Kleinbichler (diploma student, Mag. 2014)  Diploma thesis
Dario Knebl (PhD student, Dr. 2018)  PhD thesis  
Florian Ladstädter (diploma student, Mag. 2001)  Diploma thesis
Claude Leiner (PhD student, supervision together with JR, 2015)  PhD thesis  
Miriam Mutici (diploma student, Mag.a 2013)  Diploma thesis
Gernot Pfanner (diploma student, Mag. 2007)  Diploma thesis
Per-Kristian Rekdal (postdoc)
Michael Reisecker (diploma student, Mag. 2014)  Diploma thesis
Daniel Scheiber (master student, supervision together with Peter Puschnig, MSc. 2013) Master thesis
Robert Schütky (PhD student, Mag. 2013, Dr. 2016)  Diploma thesis  PhDthesis (10 MB)
Claudia Sifel (diploma student, Mag.a 2003)  Diploma thesis
Hajreta Softic (dipolma student, Mag.a 2009)  Diploma thesis
Andreas Trügler (Postdoc 2011-2019, Mag. 2007, Dr. 2011)  Diploma thesis  PhDThesis (30 MB)
Gerhard Unger (Postdoc, 2017-2018)
Jürgen Waxenegger (PhD student, Mag. 2010, Dr. 2016)  Diploma thesis  PhDThesis (11 MB)
Christof Weber (diploma student, Mag. 2011)  Diploma thesis

Bachelor theses.

Anna Lucia Aichmayr, Dynamics of a BEC within a two-mode model (2010)  Bachelor thesis
Florian Atteneder, BECs in magnetic microtraps with attractive interactions (2017)  Bachelor thesis
Christoph Duswald, 3D Simulation von BECs (2010)  Bachelor thesis
Katharina Fließer, Computerized Tomography (2015)  Bachelor thesis
Benedikt Gasplmayr, Impact of the gap morphology (2019)  Bachelor thesis
Lucijan Ilic, FDTD Simulations of electromagnetic fields (2018)  Bachelor thesis   zip
Benjamin Kaufmann, Magnetismus als relativistisches Phänomen (2011) Bachelor thesis
Mattia Moroder, Simulation of EELS for a MgO nanocube (2018)  Bachelor thesis
Oliver Orasch, The Aharonov-Bohm effect (2014)  Bachelor thesis
Sebastian Raubitzek, TE- und TM-Moden in Wellenleitern (2014)  Bachelor thesis
Silvester Sabathiel, Interpretation of quantum mechanics (2015)  Bachelor thesis
Andreas Ulm, Plasmon Simulation (2015)  Bachelor thesis
Georg Wissa, Quantum dot-cavity coupling with phonon-assisted cavity feeding (2011) Bachelor thesis
Niklas Zwettler, Density functional theory (2013) Bachelor thesis

Pictures of former group members.


Surprisingly, it was not raining before the Kleeblattlauf 2009, but it was hot. We (Gabi, Julian, Ulrich, Andi) were about two minutes faster than 2008 and finished the 4 x 2600 m in 49:50. Also the other teams of the solid state theory group performed extremely well. Congratulations!

1st row: Gabi Jaritz, Julian Grond, Ulrich Hohenester
2nd row: Andi Trügler (x 2), Hajreta Softic, Christof Weber, Jürgen Waxenegger, Peter Senekowitsch
3rd row: Walter Pötz, Markus Fleck, Zoe Flor

solid state group @ präbichel

Solid state group at our ski day (Präbichel, 2009). From left to right: Jürgen Waxenegger, Gabi Jaritz, Andi Trügler, Julian Grond, Marek Seliger, Robert Schüttky, Hajreta Softic, Ulrich Hohenester, and Peter Senekowitsch.

group members

Group members (from left to right: Julian Grond, Andi Trügler, Ulrich Hohenester, Gabi Jaritz) at the Kleeblattlauf 2008. Despite the difficult conditions after the heavy rain we completed the 4 x 2600 m in 52:00. (Photo courtesy of Peter Senekowitsch)
Ulrich Hohenester
Institut für Physik, Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, Austria