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Smallest Kandinsky in the world

Tuesday, 07 November 2023

Mario Hentschel from the University of Stuttgart published an articel together with colleagues from the University of Graz and the Australian National University at the beginning of this year, in which they showed how to confine light in air. This was demonstrated by replicating the painting "Improvisation 9" by Wassiliy Kandinski, which is on exhibition at the museum Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, in a a microscopic version. This reproduction is smaller than a human hair and can be only seen under a microscope. Thanks to a Zeiss microscope, it is now possible for everyone to compare this reproduction with the original from 1910 in the Staatsgalerie until beginning of December.

Link to the article: Dielectric Mie voids: confining light in air | Light: Science & Applications (nature.com)

Link to the exhibition: Kunst trifft Physik: Der kleinste Kandinsky | Staatsgalerie


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