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Guest Scientist in Theoretical Particle Physics

Monday, 28 November 2022

The Coimbra Group Fellow Ángel Salvador Miramontes López stays from middle of October to middle of December at the Institute of Physics.

Dr.  Ángel S. Miramontes López is not unknown at our institute, he has been a PhD student for three years in the Particle Physics Doctoral Programm. He graduated in April 2020. His thesis, supervised by Dr. Hèlios Sanchis Alepuz, contains a break-through in the application of Functional Methods to a certain class of observables in Hadron Physics: He determined the analytic structure for all tensor components of the coupling of quarks to photons for virtual time-like photon momenta. 

After his PhD he went to the Institute of Physics and Mathematics at the University Michoacana in Morelia, Mexico, where he still works as Postdoctoral Fellow. He kept, however, contact to Graz, which did lead to several common publications.

We were very happy to learn that he was successful in acquiring a Coimbra Group Fellowship, and that this allows now the direct collaboration of several members of the particle physics group with him here in Graz.

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