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Neuartige Messmethode für strukturiertes Licht basierend auf integrierten photonischen Schaltungen. Bild: Uni Graz/Bütow

Friday, 12 January 2024

Structured Light and Networks of Photonic Highways

In a recently published research article, Peter Banzer and his team report on the measurements of structured light using integrated photonic…

Johannes Bütow im Labor mit dem neuartigen Chip in der Hand

Friday, 12 January 2024

New photonic chip can generate and measure customised light fields for the first time

They send light, like tiny cars, along sophisticated paths across a silicon surface. And they do this on a chip the size of the tip of a small finger.…

Alexander Bergmann und Peter Banzer vor dem Info-Point zum entstehenden Graz Center of Physics mit der Aufschrift Everything happens for a reason and that reason is usually physics".

Friday, 20 October 2023

Light micros and efficient e-cars: Doppler lab for novel sensors launches

They use shaped light to measure sound and microwaves to spy on the torque in the e-car. Alexander Bergmann and Peter Banzer are working on completely…

Sarah Lindner - Foto: Uni Graz/AG OpNaQ

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Arqus – Building Bridges

Sarah Lindner, member of the group Optics of Nano and Quantum Materials, selected for the Arqus Mentoring Program for Early-Stage Researchers.

Verdrehte Kanäle aus Luft schützen Quantenzustände.

Monday, 04 September 2023

Protection? Twist It!

In a recent article published in Physical Review Applied, an international collaboration of various research groups shows that twisting air-holes can…

Leonhard Grill überreicht Peter Banzer den Anerkennungspreis in der Höhe von EUR 500. Foto: Uni Graz / Pichler

Tuesday, 04 July 2023

Bestens betreut

Peter Banzer erhielt am 14. Juni 2023 den Seraphine-Puchleitner-Anerkennungspreis.

Der glückliche Preisträger. Foto: UniGraz/OpNaQ

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Uncharted (but ‘structured’) territory

Congratulations! Robert Nuster receives the 2023 Hans-Benndorf-Award.

Vortrag im Rahmen der vita.activa Vortragsreihe; Bild: UniGraz/Banzer

Friday, 05 May 2023

OpNaQ @ DINAMA Day, KinderUni, Openhouse and vita.activa

Within the framework of various outreach events at the University of Graz, members of the OpNaQ group once again had the great pleasure of sharing…

Getrieben von Neugierde. OpNaQ Mitglieder Johannes Bütow (links) und Brian Kantor (rechts). Foto: UniGraz/OpNaQ

Monday, 24 April 2023

Celebrating Lasers

Johannes Bütow and Brian Kantor selected as participants of the 2023 Siegman International School on Lasers.

Logo der Young Minds (ÖPG)

Thursday, 23 February 2023

Networking: The Young Minds of the ÖPG

The Young Minds workgroup of the ÖPG is experiencing an upswing; especially in Graz, interest continues to grow.

Ein Teilchen in einer komplexen elektromagnetischen Feldlandschaft. Bild: UniGraz/Banzer

Friday, 27 January 2023

Light Steering Matter

Trapping matter with light and manipulating it at the same time might appear like a nerve-wrecking science-fiction scene from a Hollywood movie.…

Wie aus dem Nichts entsteht strukturiertes Licht an einer Grenzfläche. Bild: UniGraz/Eismann und Kantor

Thursday, 03 November 2022

Something from Nothing

In a recent joint publication in Optica between members of the Optics of Nano and Quantum Materials group (OpNaQ) from the University of Graz and the…

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